To improve humanity's quality of life by reducing the cost of goods and services.

CATENA lays the foundation for a better future with the help of nanotechnology.

Our unique process involves assembling atoms into eco-friendly nanostructures that have properties that are superior to conventional materials, all at a lower cost.

Nanomaterials can improve products by making them sustainable, durable, bulletproof, flameproof, waterproof, conductive, cleaner, efficiency, and safer.  


Our first product: CATENA-NANO is a efficient plant food that is like a fertilizer. It can improve plant photosynthesis, yield, nutrition, ripening rate, cell division, growth rate, soil health, and carbon capture.


  1. Catena Guard

  2. Catena Grow

  3. Catena Ink

  4. Catena Fortify

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Catena Nano, our revolutionary liquid nano plant food, on TikTok Shop this Earth Day! 🌱🌿

  •  4/22/2024 03:52 PM

Catena participated in Colonial Classic Landscaping & Nursery fall open house.

  •  9/22/2023 06:50 AM

Catena was featured in a Entrepreneurship EXPO!

  •  5/9/2023 04:21 PM

Catena was mentioned in Evansville Business Magazine!

  •  4/18/2023 04:12 PM

Catena and Ivy Tech Community College Evansville Entrepreneurship program made the news once again!

  •  2/10/2023 07:32 AM

Joshua Marksberry an Ivy Tech Student wins $20,000 for his company Catena. Catena gets recognized on the local news.

  •  2/9/2023 07:31 PM

20 year old entrepreneurship student, Joshua Marksberry wins $20,000 for his company.

  •  2/9/2023 09:00 AM